3D Printing Archaeological Artifacts As Jewelry

My latest 3-D printing experiments have taken a fashionable turn.

More often than not 3-D printed models result in, well, a model. An object. Something that just sits there. Even when its all glittered up like this fabulous Pharaoh triptych I printed and bedazzled lately (from the open access models available from the Metropolitan Museum of Art available at Thingiverse)—it’s ultimately still a shelf knick knack.


I’m excited for 3D printed objects to start being active creations. To start moving more along the lines of daily usability—of becoming clothes and shoes and everyday objects we use as we go about our lives. I am, not, however, at the 3D printing proficiency of full blown clothes yet. So I opted to start smaller, with accessories.

My first experiment: translating the stone Aztec Calendar found beneath the center of Mexico city into a necklace. I adjusted this open model on Thingiverse for my purposes and did the metal-working by hand with pieces from a craft shop.

aztec calendar necklace

Next up, I wanted to tackle one of my favorite museum pieces: The Queen of the Night from the British Museum. I fussed around last year with my own SfM model using online images of the piece, but for the print I used the beautiful open access model put together by the ever-fabulous 3D printing artist Cosmo Wenman available on Thingiverse.

As with the calendar necklace, I opted to print several of the pieces. Although for this one, I opted for them to all be the same size.

SAM_3084 SAM_3085 SAM_3088

My current projects:

A sculptural head charm bracelet made from classical Greek and Roman busts like this initial piece:


And not-quite-in sample mode is an attempt at Nazca line earrings. Fingers crossed/wish me luck. Updates to follow x

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