Archaeological GIF-Art Expansion

I thought I’d expand on the Open Access Antiquarianism GIF-ing experiments with further data (and then re-post them here as well. So much double posting lately, apologies).

Here are updated versions of my GIF-ing experiments for some of the old data we collected, worked with, and published under the auspices of the open access pledged National Science Foundation. Details of each project are available in rest of the ADA blog.

The Byzantine Mosaic Church at Petra:


dbnex dbnk7 dbnna

Castello Svevo di Rocca Imperiale, Italy. For more on its data collection and background see this.


dem3c demcn demdq

The Hall of the 500 at Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy


detlb detnx detqq

The Roman copper mines at Umm al-Amad, Jordan



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