The American Southwest: A Roadtrip

Two girls, One Prius –>From California’s Bay Area to Nebraska and back—via Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Colorado (Part 2), Utah, & Nevada.

(Goal: #seeallthethings/visit our friend who’s a Professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.). Official hashtag for the trip was #RoadTripToRupal.

We mapped out our adventure via Roadtrippers (a rather seriously awesome app for this kind of thing that charts out everything from mileage to delightfully obscure potential stops along the way). Here’s our original map (we deviated slightly along the way out and only clipped New Mexico in favor of an unsuccessful mad dash to get to Mesa Verde).


This following post is a quick catalog of the created media culled from this rather fabulous voyage.

Published daily as we went along on Instagram:

Media still to make:

  • Cull through all the go-pro footage and build a time-lapse of the drive
  • process the few models that were made
  • finish uploading the full trip to Facebook albums (much thanks to Anjali for her patience)
  • figure out a better in situ/during the trip recording system to cross-reference the multiple camera systems and annotations and maps to translate into more immediate content (is there one? there doesn’t seem to be one? continue testing on Silicon Valley Archaeology adventures)




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