The (Failed But Optimistic) First Technology & Archaeology Art Project on Kickstarter

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Welcome to the original Adventures in Digital Archaeology Blog which is now also featured on Popular Archaeology Magazine’s website.

My computer scientist colleague Vid Petrovic and I are expanding our long-term research collaboration along new dimensions with the Open Access Antiquarianism project.

 It’s going to create some rather gorgeous scientific art, but it’s also going to drive outreach on our topics to wider audiences. AND its going to be a chance for us to refine all the technology we’ve been playing with further, to push for more and more technology development for archaeologists, museums, conservators, and cultural heritage appreciators.

The first iteration of the Open Access Antiquarian Kickstarter 

The first iteration of the Open Access Antiquarianism Kickstarter was a wonderful media success and feedback loop to develop the project further and more fabulously.

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Help us re-invent the way archaeological research is approached, expand tech development, and build some kick-ass creations and collaborations. Or check out the main OAA project website for further details of the project.

And do please get in touch if you’re interested in joining in on future projects or have any questions! x


UPDATE: We were initially going to try again with a second Kickstarter once we had our act a bit more together, but instead have gone a non-crowd-funded route to continue creating and projecting our techno-scientific-art-research.

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