Open Access Antiquarianism


The OAA Medallions emphasizing Technology for Art's Sake & Technology for Archaeology's Sake.

The OAA Medallions emphasizing Technology for Art’s Sake & Technology for Archaeology’s Sake.

And so Vid and I are launching our own artistic exploration of the archaeology and technology problems we’ve encountered during our work as professional digital archaeologists.

(UPDATE: Open Access Antiquarianism has launched on Kickstarter! Check it out and spread the word!)

Entitled Open Access Antiquarians, its first efforts are directed towards the construction and presentation of a Cabinet of Curiosities filled with whirling point clouds, 3D printed artifact explorations, and re-imagined uses of cultural heritage data.

Check out our project manifesto and the bevy of exciting projects at the main Open Access Antiquarianism site.

We’ve also been fussing at an Open Access Antiquarianism Pinterest dedicated to digital heritage, technocratic topics, cultural heritage controversy, the purchasable past, and the brighter side of cool cultural heritage in general.

The OAA Pirate Flag.

The OAA Pirate Flag.

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