The New Director of Media & Digital Heritage At Tanzle


What brave new tech world that has such people in it.

Lo and behold—it turns out that hard work and optimism really do pay off. Though I thought I’d be locking myself away for a year or so to pen my first history book (still forthcoming, just at a slower pace)–I find myself instead merrily grinding away at the ultimate new tech company: Tanzle.

You haven’t heard of it yet, but trust me you will. It’s going to be something big and powerful in the near future. In fact, that’s what it’s doing: designing the future.

1012017_10100556648224903_1061015003_nIt’s fabulous CEOs and band of merry men and women are intent on developing the biggest, bestest, most culturally provocative information visualization system the world has ever seen. If you’ve been following along and are up to date on my research—it will look somewhat familiar. Like the system I was helping build as part of my research at the Qualcomm Institute/Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture, and Archaeology/University of California, San Diego/National Science Foundation—it’s going to handle layered data realities. But it goes above and beyond what we had dreamt up in San Diego and far past any of the snazzy holographic visualization systems developed for science fiction movies these days. But I can’t tell too many details at this point—there’s too many non-disclosure agreements in place. So let’s just reiterate my favorite slogan and recast it for it (and my) new role in proper industry (vs. academia)—Tanzle is going to design the future by engaging the present to preserve the past.

Time and space and all that wibbly wobbly big blue box stuff all wrapped up, intertwined,  and accessible to all.

It’s going to be epic. It’s going to be ubiquitous. And it’s terribly, terribly exciting to be a part of it right now—As it’s Director of Media & Digital Heritage no less. Go go gadget dream job.



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