The World Archaeology Congress at the Dead Sea, Jordan

In the winter of 2013, Vid Petrovic traveled back to Jordan for the 7th World Archaeology Congress to present our recent archaeological visualization field work from the projects in southern Jordan.

Titled: Visual Analytics Techniques for Cyber-Archaeology in Jordan

Authored by: Vid Petrovic, Ashley Richter, Falko Kuester, & Thomas E. Levy

The abstract for the paper was as follows:

This paper describes a visual analytics technique that integrates with the cyber- archaeology data acquisition pipeline and workflow, allowing massive point sampled data collections to be explored intuitively and interactively with minimal a priori processing. The immediate-mode exploration of spatial and temporal relationships documented via Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), Structure from Motion (SFM) and other surveying techniques applied at archaeological sites is explored in the context of hybrid, interactive rendering, combining rich 3D point clouds with 2D visuals and metadata. This rendering approach enables a unique form of scientific story-telling, while sifting through the massive data avalanche that is being created by cyber-archaeology.

Vid Petrovic imaging at the Byzantine Mosaic Church at Petra, Jordan.

Vid Petrovic imaging at the Byzantine Mosaic Church at Petra, Jordan.

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