Ashley M. Richter with a Faro Focus 3D after scanning the Mappus Mundi and the Hall of Geographical Maps in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio.

Ever wonder what would happen if a Silicon Valley version of Rory Gilmore grew up to be Dolly Levi, but as an archaeologist, diagnostic engineer, and tech evangelist hell bent on redefining how the world engages with information (especially 3D information)?


It’s this.

In all of its Joss Whedon glibness.

And this is my personal blog and quick public notes of my manic pixie dream Adventures in Archaeology, Digital Heritage, Technology, Visualization, Social Media, Journalism, and #allthethings from Aerospace Engineering to the History of the Occult and back again –By Ashley M. Richter, currently the Director of Media & Digital Heritage at Tanzle. (All opinions obvs my own).


Follow me on Twitter at @AshMRichter and check out this really awesome collaborative project I’m working on: Open Access Antiquarianism.

For the full lovely bio details and C.V., head over to LinkedIn to continue your stalking.



*P.S Popular Archaeology Magazine is also patiently featuring a variant of my infrequent blog posts on their fabulous website   ;)



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  1. This is fantastic. This is just what the public needs to gain a real interest the field of Archaeology. I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Pre-Columbian Archaeology. However I was not able to continue my studies. Later I had an accident and received a Traumatic Brain injury. I have recovered and can talk, walk, read(somewhat). Now this site opens a new world for me. Thank you, thank you. You are also a very lovely Archaeologist. God Bless and good luck with this.

  2. Ash, I just read your article on the Ouija board, and it is so well-done. Loved it! As a professional writer and editor, I really loved your “voice” and style. Hope you do a lot of writing and share it; it’s so accessible and warm, while being so information – a balance many people find hard to strike. I wanted to mention for you and anyone here who cares, just as an editor: when you use the indefinite pronoun, use “a” with “ouija”, not “an”. This is the rule: although the noun begins with a vowel, the rule applies not to the spelling of the noun, so much as its pronunciation. So because we begin the word “ouija” with a “w” sound (not a vowel), “a” is correct – “a ouija board”. People wrestle with the word “historical” too. I like using “an” with it – because when you say “an historical”, you actually drop the “h” sound, making the noun begin with an “i” sound. But some people say “a historical”, arguing that because we normally pronounce the “h” in “history”, “historical”, whatever – it should not be “an”. Major style guides have begun to allow the “a historical” now. It still rubs me the wrong way as a grammar nazi by trade, but they are the definitive authority, and I’m getting old. Ha.

  3. We are generating virtual environments in AVAYALIVE a platform which uses a web embedded UNREAL engine . This allows us to import any 3D model with very fine surface texture and high polygon count.
    We did have a press release about our virtual museum which contains 3D scanned models from the British Museum and the Louvre.


    Here is a video of the museum


    In addition we have generated virtual environments of the Temple of Horus, Edfu and the Shipyard at Portus in Rome 120AD. Both of these contained 3D models from the Carnegie-Mellon Museum in Pittsburgh and the University of Southampton, UK respectively. you can see a walk-through of these environments here.

    In each case we could take up to 25 people for guided tours through these environments.
    i hope we can schedule a trip some time in the future. If you would like to visit the museum it is available 24/7 at http://wa692.avayalive.com
    We would dearly love to try and import a model of Stonehenge to explore in a multi-user virtual environment.

  4. your story is inspiring. thank you. will print out your story from popular archaeology to give to our daughter. oh, and you’ve attended our dream universities in great britain.

  5. Hello Ash – I am wanting to connect with you on an Ogle Project I am doing in Austin, Texas. I thought you might be interested. Feel free to contact me

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